Keeping up with the ever-changing world of SEO trends can seem overwhelming, especially if you are a new business. Everyone wants to know the best way to raise their business profile and make sure you reach the optimum amount of people relative to your marketing budget. If your business is concerned with providing consumers with goods and products, then it makes sense to spend some time researching which platforms people are using when they want to indulge in a little retail therapy.

One-Stop Shop for Online Shopping

The internet has given us an extraordinary amount of choice when it comes to goods and services. For many people, it is even considered too much choice. This may be why more and more people like the idea of a “one-stop shop” they know can provide them with whatever they are looking for, instead of having to trawl through countless websites. A recent study has shown that more than half of internet consumers use Amazon as their first destination when doing any online shopping. The e-commerce giant can provide people with pretty much anything from everyday household products to clothes, gifts, and specialty items; with prices to suit any budget.


The good value and convenient service provided by Amazon is well known to consumers, meaning many people will also check Amazon for a price-comparison even if they find what they’re looking for elsewhere. If you are selling goods and want to make sure your brand is easily accessible, with the badge of trust Amazon provides, then it is essential you include Amazon in your SEO and marketing strategies. If you don’t, you are missing out on a huge section of the market and really doing your business a disservice. To find out how best to take advantage of Amazon and to bring the very best out of your business, contact Skol Marketing for a free 30-minute consultation.