Social Media Stories Feature

Humans being the social creatures we are, it was inevitable that social media would adopt the strategy of promoting features that center around stories. It started with Snapchat before other social media favorites caught on that stories are the future of content sharing for their users. Now there are multiple ways you can share your journey with friends and family with methods that are organized and easy to navigate.

Marketing with Story Platforms

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are just some of the leading platforms that now allow users to share stories with ease. Teens, especially, are engaging with stories and disseminating content across the web. Instagram is stealing Snapchat’s thunder, with 47% of users now preferring to use the former’s platform to create stories.

Businesses are also getting into the trend, with major brands opting to post the bulk of their marketing content on weekends. It’s not all about selling products and services, either. Merchandise is still the first priority, but it is closely followed by content that gives the audience a sneak-peak into the inner workings of the business. Guest stories are next on the agenda and are typically used to promote current or upcoming events.

Fitness and fashion brands top the polls when it comes to using stories, with the former representing 73% and the latter coming in at 70% when it comes to industry representation on Instagram. Retail is a close third and even airplanes have made their presence felt on the platform.

User Focus

The most important aspect of story features for business is where users are most focused. Fastory, a tool that allows users to create and post stories to social media, indicates that 35% of its users in 2018 opted for the Instagram model for viewing and sharing stories. Other platforms also continue to attract users, including Snapchat (19.7%), WhatsApp (7.9%) and Facebook (19.7%).

As a business, you should consider using stories to promote your brand, products, services, and events. Users are already familiar with these features and look to stories for news on what’s going on with their favorite brands. For more on how to use social media stories in your marketing, contact Skol Marketing today.