Skol Marketing is dedicated to creating your online presence. Whether you are just starting your journey into the online world, have built your platforms but have come to a standstill, or have a fully functioning and active online community; Skol Marketing is here to help you create, build, and maintain your online marketing efforts. We can do that using our talents in web development, SEO, social media, and Google tools. We’re excited to share with you what we know!

Web Development

The Internet has completely changed the way consumers make their purchasing decisions.  Did you know that 97% of consumers first search for products online before making a decision?  So, if you're not online, it’s likely you're missing out on a huge customer base.

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Social Media Management

Social Media is a newer online frontier, especially for businesses.  Skol Marketing is here to guide you through it. Whether you need help with a social media marketing strategy or help with setting up your platforms, we can help you implement Social Media to better connect your business with its followers.

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Search Engine Optimization

Is Search Engine Optimization or SEO a mystery to you? Put your questions to rest and let Skol Marketing help you with what we do best! When people search online for a product or service using a search engine like Google or Bing, there’s a 75% chance they'll move on or stop searching altogether if what they're looking for isn't on the first page.

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We’ve all heard of Google and probably have used their search engine.  After all, they’re practically a household name!  But did you know that there is so much more that Google can do for your business or nonprofit’s online presence?  Click to learn a few of the Google tools that we think you’ll find useful.

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Skol Marketing offers free and affordable educational workshops on a variety of topics that will help you enhance your online presence. Join Skol Marketing and learn on a variety topics such as Search Engine Optimization, Analytics, Video, Social Media and more. Most classes are held conveniently located in Minneapolis and can appeal to both the beginner and advanced user.

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