In recent posts, we have covered Facebook’s commitment to reinventing how the platform approached engagement. Specifically, the company decided groups and events were two features that garnered the most attention from users looking to engage with businesses. 

If you’re an avid Facebook user, you may have noticed an elite group of users known as “top fans”, sporting fancy badges when commenting on posts from pages and in groups. 

You probably wondered to yourself - “What the heck are those, and more importantly, how do I get one?!”

How are Badges Awarded? 

These badges are awarded on a merit system based on visitor engagement. Two of the main badges you are likely to see are “valued commenter” and “top fan.” 

Valued Customer Badge - by commenting often, a user receives a badge of honor recognition*.

Top Fan - this one is a little trickier! Earning a top fan badge involves liking, commenting on, AND sharing posts. Additional brownie points can be earned by watching videos and expressing interest in hosted events. 

Can My Business Benefit From Visitor Badges? 

Facebook promised businesses the company would do more to add value to engagement, and they have certainly delivered. You can create custom audiences in Facebook’s Ad Manager based on a number of factors, including:

  • Visitors to your Facebook page
  • Post or ad engagement
  • Call to action (CTA) button responses
  • Page messages
  • Page saves

The current path for creating custom audiences in Ad Manager, based on engagement, is: Assets > Audiences > Create audience > Custom Audience > Use Facebook Sources: Facebook Page.

Top fans have already created a Facebook culture around earning badges from favored business pages or events. You can leverage this by reaching out to those fans to promote your brand. This strategy has the potential to greatly increase the reach of your business and bring in greater numbers of customers. 

Think about what is driving your top fans to support your business and create opportunities for improvement. For example, I'm pretty sure what drives our top fans to support us is our awesome blog posts...right? In all seriousness, top fans are not afraid to engage, so make sure to reach out and gain valuable feedback about the products and services you offer and what excites them about your brand and content. 

For more ideas on how to benefit from Facebook engagement features, contact our Social Squad at Skol Marketing today!