The Skol Team had a grand time at their annual field trip to the Great Minnesota Get-Together! Highlights of our day include:

  • Petting all the dogs in the Pet Pavilion
  • Beer flights at the Hangar
  • Visiting our awesome client, Manny’s Tortas, in the Food Building
  • A torrential downpour of rain that only lasted a little over an hour
  • Watching the Sham-wow! Presenter in the Merchandise Mart
  • Seeing the All-Star Stunt Dogs Splash at the North Woods Stage
  • And of course, consuming SO. MUCH. FOOD.

Food has to be the best part of the MN State Fair. Where else can you get anything you want on a stick served to you with a smile? 

Here is our list of favorite MN State Fair foods and where you can get them:

Favorite: Pretzel Curds
Where to get: O’Gara’s (Southwest corner of Dan Patch & Cosgrove)
Notes: Any deep-fried cheese is good in its own way, but these curds have a nice crunchy exterior with a melty cheese interior. I will still need to get my Food Building cheese curds every year, but I think I’ll be adding a stop at O’Gara’s for these babies too.

Favorite: White Claw Redbull Slushie
Where to get: O’Gara’s (Southwest corner of Dan Patch & Cosgrove)
Notes: These might be dangerous because they taste that good. Just remember: O’Gara’s is CASH ONLY!!!

Favorite: Sweet Martha’s Cookies
Where to get: Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar (South side of Carnes between Nelson & Underwood)
Notes: Might as well just get the bucket right away because we ended up going back for a second cone.

Favorite: Anything on a Stick
Where to get: Pretty much anywhere
Notes: I got two Cheese on a Sticks (one in the AM, one in the PM), so that’s definitely one of my faves. But also, the new Dilly Dog (deep-fried pickle stuffed brat) in the Coliseum was good and I recommend trying it if you like pickles!

Favorite: Chicken in the Waffle
Where to get: Blue Barn in West End Market (1839 Dan Patch Ave)
Notes: The mixture of spicy chicken popcorn chicken and salty gravy, along with a sweet waffle cone is perfect for a sweet & savory fan. 

Don't see your favorite MN State Fair food on our list? We're down to try anything. Let us know!