LinkedIn used to be one of the least-utilized social media platforms, due to the lack of engagement. Since then, it’s become the leading platform for content sharing for B2B. To grow your professional presence, brand and network on LinkedIn, your first concern is to boost your engagement. Here are 8 simple suggestions:

  1. Personal Profiles vs Company Pages – It’s good to have a company profile, but we recommend using a personal page for the main engagement. Putting a human face and personality to your content receives more views and comments.
  2. Personal Profile Headline & Summary – What do you want to highlight about yourself and your brand? Your headline and summary show up on profiles and searches. Make these brief and to the point, so they aren’t too truncated on mobile apps.
  3. Make Your Profile Look Good – How your profile looks says a lot about your company and about you. Profiles without images are ignored. Your profile photo should be of your face, professional but friendly. Incomplete or out of date information signals an inactive profile. Don’t just set photos, heading and summary length by looking at your large computer screen. Mobile versions will adjust the format a bit, so tweak your profile until it looks great on both.
  4. Connect vs Follow Profile Button – Your profile has a default button that allows viewers to connect with you. This is comparable to sending a “friend request” on other platforms. You have the option to change this to a “Follow” button. People who don’t know you are more likely to follow you because it’s less of a commitment but still delivers your content to their feed. You can always send connect requests later.
  5. Posting & Linking – Consistent posting helps you remain in the eye of your followers, but you don’t have to get crazy with this. Too much posting makes people unfollow you. We suggest 3 to 4 posts per week are sufficient to stay visible. Use posted content from your company website for LinkedIn. Be sure to include the link back to your website (it’s good for SEO!).
  6. Customized URL – Your profile page will be assigned a default URL. Use the custom URL feature to make yourself easy to find. Be sure to update that address to your other social media profiles.
  7. Engage Others – Build a network by joining groups, following others, liking posts and commenting. Join industry groups. Showing activity on your profile shows engagement while easing the pressure that leads to too much posting.
  8. Invest in Ads and Sponsored Content – Sponsoring your content and purchasing ads with LinkedIn can send your content to viewers within and outside the platform to raise your engagement. It can focus on your targeted audience and track clicks and interactions.

Skol Marketing can help you take a closer look at your digital marketing plan. We know busy business owners don’t always have the time to set up and maintain multiple social media platforms, or create content to post. Contact us to see how we may be able to improve your engagement for LinkedIn or other platforms.