Solving the Mystery of Chrome Extensions

//Solving the Mystery of Chrome Extensions

Solving the Mystery of Chrome Extensions

2016 saw numerous changes in the ways in which people communicate, shop, and use the Internet. There was the advent of Facebook Live, a rise in using sites such as Ebates and Facebook Marketplace, and an increased push to download and use Google Chrome extensions. These changes and others helped users stay more aware of the products and services available as they search the web. Furthermore, it connected the businesses using these tools to their customers at every turn. This article will briefly explain Google Chrome extensions and how they help both their users and the companies that offer them.

What Are They?

Google Chrome extensions are browser add-ons that are downloaded and added to the Chrome browser to enhance its capabilities. While that sounds like a lot of jargon, extensions are actually very common on the Internet. Any company that has a Google account can create a Chrome extension for their business. Extensions range from helpful internet tools, like providing the ability to test your internet speed, open a Google Hangout without leaving the page you are on, and sending an email with Gmail, to checking prices when shopping and automatically accessing discounts while shopping online. Some extensions allow you to save pages or take a screenshot of a webpage. Extensions are buttons on the top of your browser window that allow you to open a function without opening a new tab.

Using Them to Help Your Business

Google Chrome extensions are a wonderful resource for online businesses. This is the age of 24/7 access and immediate gratification. People use apps to access all of life's information with a swipe of their finger. Extensions bring this ability to the desktop, keeping a business and its customer base constantly connected. These extensions keep you constantly in front of your client base to offer specific services that either result in sales or capture the customer's information to use in future promotions.

Alternatively, there are numerous extensions designed to help businesses function more efficiently. Accessing your email from an extension allows you to connect to your customers at a quicker pace. This lets you maintain the same level of accessibility that many customers have come to expect. Other extensions help you organize your data in one easy central location. There are even extensions that allow you to continue your work while away from your desk. Some extensions even allow you to search for information using a simple image. For instance, you can upload an image to your computer and then use this type of extension to find like images or to find information about the image. Depending on your business, there are numerous extensions that increase your productivity while staying organized and connected.

To learn more about extensions and how they may increase your business productivity or help you reach your customers in a unique fashion, contact the experts at Skol Marketing at (612) 787-7565.  Their marketing experts can help you decide if your company could benefit from creating a Google Chrome extension and how to best utilize the extensions already available to individuals and businesses.

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