Out with the Old, In with the New: Ditch the Old SEO Practices

//Out with the Old, In with the New: Ditch the Old SEO Practices

Out with the Old, In with the New: Ditch the Old SEO Practices

Everyone in business is online. Everyone has a website that they want found. As a result, everyone is in competition to rank higher on Google. Businesses study the trends to determine how Google ranks its websites. They want to become the site within the top 10 results for their industry. Yet Google is not so easy to navigate. Once people pick up on certain trends, Google notices the shift and changes the rules. Here are a few rules that have been eliminated to allow for new, more concise searching.

Keywords and Pages

Once upon a time, it was recommended to pack your headings and titles with all the potential keywords a searcher might use to find your website. For a while, that worked well. Then Google realized people were playing to the keywords and not the content itself. As a result, the rule changed. Now you must title your page to entice people to click. Find out what people care about when looking for your product and adjust your product title accordingly. For instance, if you sell fish, do not flood your pages with fish related words. Rather, talk about how fish are a great starter pet for young children.  Quality vs Quantity.

Additionally, there is no need to create a new webpage or subtitle for every variation of your keyword. This looks cluttered and causes your website to look more like spam than actual valuable content. Instead, allow your website to have one page that discusses multiple keywords to make it a smoother read for your clientele.

Avoid the Look of Spam

Other techniques people have utilized to improve SEO in the past included creating linked webpages using variations of keywords and clickbait type sites. Clickbait sites are websites where you think you are going to read about a particular topic, but instead get brought to a sales page for something unrelated. Both of these types of tactics make your page and content look as though it may be spam or unsafe. Not only will people wish to avoid your site, but they may avoid any related site as a precautionary measure. Google has picked up on this and will also avoid such sites in their indexing.

The key is to appeal to the actual reader, not the search engine. The goal is to attract customers to your site, not robots. As a result, you must appeal to those customers. Post information they actually want to read, not just a list of ideas of what they would use as search words. The more you appeal to the people looking for your site, the more likely Google is to notice that you have something people want and need and will boost your rankings accordingly.

If you have not reviewed your website and its SEO techniques in a few months or longer, it would be advantageous to have an expert review your site and make the changes needed to keep you in line with Google's algorithms. Contact Skol Marketing today at (612) 787-7565 to update your website and get ranked with the best.

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