No More Pop-ups

//No More Pop-ups

No More Pop-ups

As of January 10th, 2017, Google has penalized websites which have full-screen mobile pop-ups requesting your contact information while reading content on your phone. We have all seen these sites. Even the most reputable news sites have these annoying pop-ups that cause you to abandon whatever you were reading on your mobile device once it comes up. Now Google's algorithm will lower your ranking on its search engine if your website utilizes this technology. What does this mean for your website and its ability to collect email addresses from visitors?

The Importance of Email Capturing

Since the advent of the internet as an advertising tool, it has been reiterated that the best way to continue advertising to your target audience is to collect their email addresses. We have been told that we must offer something that requires an email address, such as a newsletter, coupons, or even important information only available through an email. Our websites are consistently designed to capture emails at all costs. This is why the mobile pop-up window was originally utilized.

Capturing an email address allows you to start a conversation with your intended audience. People who volunteer this information have shown they are interested in what you are offering and want to know more. This process is imperative to growing your business through online marketing.  

Other Options

With this change in Google's algorithm, it is now time to find new ways to capture this essential information. This algorithm mostly affects mobile interfaces. However, this is also the way in which most people view most information today. However, all hope is not lost. There are other ways in which you can capture this information without interrupting someone viewing your website on their mobile device.

One method is to place a button at the bottom of your web page that encourages people to click it to enter their personal information to learn more. You may choose to require them to click this button to read more of the article. Alternatively, you may offer additional information to those who use this button. Either way, it becomes a voluntary interaction, rather than forced.

Another option is to allow your “contact us” portion to be always visible on the sidebar of your page. This may appear a bit cluttered on a mobile device, but it will make it easy for readers to interact and provide their email address voluntarily.

Neither of these options may be as easy or ideal as the pop-up box. However, they will allow your target audience the opportunity to engage with your website without interrupting their reading experience. Of course, the best option is to discuss the changes with your website design team to determine the best plan of action for your business. Your team will be able to guide you properly through the necessary changes and find methods that are proven to be effective while adhering to the standards of the new Google algorithm. To learn more about how to effectively market under the new Google rules, contact the experts at Skol Marketing today at (612) 787-7565.

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