Holiday Hashtags

//Holiday Hashtags

Holiday Hashtags

It's that time of year again. You want to get in the spirit, and you want your business to be festive as well. You are not alone. Your competition is already hard at work getting their holiday messages out to their customer base. Take advantage of social media and use appropriate hashtags to make sure you are noticed too. Hashtags allow your posts to be searched with specific keywords that may have little to nothing to do with your posts. As hashtags trend on social media, more and more people will see those trending posts. You and your business need to be aware of those trends to make sure you are extending your full reach during this and every season. Specific businesses can benefit from specific industry hashtags, particularly if they are trending online. Below are several industries and some hashtags that are currently trending to help your business be found this season.


If you are in the business of decorating, providing home accents, or even helping do-it-yourself customers, these hashtags will help you catch your customer base’s attention while keeping your social media posts festive and fun for the holidays:

  • #decor
  • #decoration
  • #atmosphere
  • #landscape
  • #holidaydecor
  • #embellishment


For retail businesses, selling everything from kitchen appliances to the newest Lebrons to Hatchimals (or the next newest toy craze), it is important that you are in front of your clients all of the time. Using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ are wonderful opportunities to stay in sight of your customer base when they are shopping. Remember these hashtags to keep you on the forefront of their mind:

  • #presents
  • #holiday
  • #holidayseason
  • #tistheseason
  • #santaclaus
  • #gift
  • #gifts

The Experience

The holidays are a time for experiences. People experience time with their families, travel, and firsts or lasts for their family and friends. By acknowledging this piece of the holidays, you not only connect with your customers, but you also stand out from the crowd.  Here are some great hashtags to help accomplish this marketing goal:

  • #happy
  • #party
  • #instatravel
  • #trimthetree
  • #cheer
  • #picoftheday
  • #scents

Small Business

Small Business Saturday is now an official part of the holidays. It started as a marketing push by American Express, but it is now almost as big as Black Friday. Small Business Saturday is an opportunity to let your neighbors know you are open and ready to help them find that perfect gift. It is important for small businesses to take advantage of this trend and reach their client base through social media and other avenues. Here are some great hashtags to help this happen.

  • #smallbusiness
  • #workingartist
  • #buylocal
  • #handmade

These are just a few examples of hashtags that are currently trending, which can bring your business to the forefront of your customers’ minds. To learn more about using social media and hashtags to help market your business online, contact the experts at Skol Marketing at (612) 787-7565. The experts at Skol Marketing can help you and your business succeed throughout the holiday season and all parts of the year.

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